Hej! Nice to meet you! 

I’m glad we found each other! I’m Valeriia and I’m a full time wedding, family + portrait photographer living between Stockholm and Lidköping, Sweden capturing stories in Scandinavia and all of Europe. As I often ask my clients to tell me more about themselves, here is my story. I moved to Sweden in the end of summer 2018 with a suitcase, my camera and a backpack with my dog and now live with my amazing partner who supports me in all my crazy dreams and my ideas and helps me every step of the way. I had to start my business from the very beginning but I was never sad about it, since every struggle is just another way to learn and grow. This is my six year as a wedding photographer and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Capturing those amazing moments, adventures and love is truly a dream. My goal is to capture the real you, to help you feel comfortable and break all the barriers between you and the camera. I don’t just take a picture, I make a story! I’m happy to help with planning your wedding day, with choosing a location for your maternity session, with “what to do in front of the camera”. I’m all about making you feel comfortable and working together for the best result. I love it when clients send me outfit ideas, ask for help with absolutely anything, when we sit together and plan their amazing day. The truth is, I’m excited too! Contact me pressing the button below and let’s talk and plan everything!